Our Little Coffee Shop At K. Dees Coffee

K. Dees Coffee is the best place for you to come for your next cup of coffee, but you get a lot more than a cup of coffee when you come to see us. We have a wonderful staff that will make your stay in the shop grand, and we have a quiet place for you to work, read a book or just relax. You need a place to get your coffee that makes you feel at home, and we are working every day to fulfill that desire.

We make unique blends every day, and our coffee is among the best in the world because of the attention paid to the beans. We are roasting our own beans, and we are offering as many ingredients as you can think of to make your coffee delicious. We do not just slap a cup of coffee on the counter. We have made sure that your coffee will be perfect when you get.

Our Best Customers

“Audrey White works at a local Subway, and her restaurant actually holds the record for most cups of coffee bought in a day. She is a fixture in the shop, and she the kind of person who welcomes our guests like she works here. She is a nice person to have around, and you would enjoy being her friend when you come to visit us.”

“Blake Turner is a mechanic at the neighborhood Milano's, and he has bought a cup of coffee every day for over four years straight, and he is still going to this day. Blake is a great guy you would like to get to know, and you might want to ask him how he has had such a good attendance record at the shop. ”

“Andre Williams comes from the McCordsville barber shop, and he made the most interesting blend of all time. He still puts hot sauce on his coffee, and it works for him. You might want to get a whiff of his coffee when you come to the shop, and he is one of many characters who comes here every day.

We have our own little family at K. Dees Coffee, and we want you to come join the family. We have made sure that our coffee is perfect, and our customers
make the shop a wonderful place to come visit every day.”